Lars Sullivan Teases WrestleMania 35 Appearance, Then Deletes Tweet

There is speculation that Lars Sullivan could be making his way to the WWE main roster sooner than later. After suffering what was described as an anxiety attack before his last scheduled appearance on Raw, Sullivan hasn’t been seen or heard from since. He sought help, and it looks like he’s back.

On Tuesday, Sullivan tweeted a response to none other than Elias who wrote:

I am so multi-talented, charismatic, unique – unlike any superstar past or present and beyond that @WWE often doesn’t know what to do with me.. but at Wrestlemania – they get it right – an uninterrupted full performance is almost all I’ve ever wanted..

Sullivan said, “They don’t know what to do with ya huh? I’ll tell ya what, the ol Sullster knows exactly what to do with ya. All I’m saying is you better be playing a good song at Mania.” His tweet was immediately deleted, which he often does since he opens his mouth and then realizes he probably shouldn’t have said anything, but screenshots of the tweet made the rounds on social media and it appears he may have ruined the surprise as to who might be working with Elias at WrestleMania 35.

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It was originally thought that Sullivan might be working a program with John Cena at this year’s show of all shows but if Sullivan is teasing that he’ll be interrupting Elias, this is an interesting idea by WWE. It signals a thought process that WWE might want to make Sullivan a babyface (or at least a tweener) since Elias’ performance is sure to make fun of the Met Life Stadium crowd.

Did Sullivan Just Step Into Trouble?

Will Sullivan get in trouble from WWE for tweeting what seems to be such an obvious tease? Will it change what they might have had planned? If so, Sullivan sure knows how to stick his foot in his own mouth.

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