Lars Sullivan Predicts WWE Title Within 18 Months

Lars Sullivan has the makings of a huge star. He’s exactly the kind of talent Vince McMahon and WWE fall in love with. Big, strong, scary, marketable — a monster. He’s made waves in the company since debuting the night after WrestleMania 35 and if you ask him, he’s only scratching the surface of what he thinks he can do in the next 18 months.

The former NXT destructor, turned SmackDown Live roster member answered fan comments on Instagram Thursday. When asked how long it takes before he will become WWE Champion, he answered, “Within 18 months is my realistic goal.”

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If the way he’s being presented on tv as of late is any indication, he’s probably right. In fact, he may be under-selling how much WWE plans to build him up into an unstoppable force.

Sullivan exploded onto the main roster after taking some time to debut from NXT. Since that night, he’s taken out Rey Mysterio, the Hardy’s, Kurt Angle and R-Truth.  WWE doesn’t seem too worried about overexposing Sullivan, instead, marking him as the latest force in WWE.

What’s the Plan for Sullivan?

With Sullivan now officially part of the blue brand, he’s about to run over anyone who steps in his way. It won’t be long before he’s face-to-face with someone like Kofi Kingston and if he wins the title, WWE probably has plans to set up a feud between Sullivan and Roman Reigns.

The thought would be that Roman would be the babyface and fans would cheer him taking the title from the man who took the belt off Kingston.

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