Sad But True: Kurt Angle Still Looks Bad

I love Kurt Angle. I respect Kurt Angle. All that said, I’m glad Kurt Angle is retiring. His match against Samoa Joe on Monday was just another example of how much Angle can’t keep up with the rigors of being a regular WWE performer. His short match against AJ Styles was a result of the fact that it’s too taxing to ask him to wrestle more than once in a week’s time period.

As part of his farewell tour run towards WrestleMania 35, Angle faced Joe on Raw this past Monday and, to say the least, it was a mess. A contest that ran on much longer than it should have and ended in an awkward roll-up for the three-count, this was not among the Olympic Champions finer moments.

Watching Angle, you can’t help but watch someone who is slow, unable to do basic moves like a suplex and his age and lack of conditioning showed just how tired he is and will be in any match moving forward. He’ll forever be known as the man who barely kicks out of a pinning attempt before the count of three — and at one time, that was dramatic. Now, it’s sad and likely a result of needing the extra second.

This all sounds mean and that’s not my objective. But, there’s a reason to be concerned.

Watching Angle wrestle, it’s easy to see his upcoming match at the show of all shows is going to be a stinker. With his limited mobility, he’s certainly not in a position to put up a high-quality contest with someone like Baron Corbin, who himself, can’t wrestle himself out of a shoe box.

Is there a solution? No, not really. Not unless this scheduled match with Corbin is really just an opening act for a bigger match that is more about nostalgia than it is wrestling.

Let’s say Corbin and Angle ends in a quick squash submission for Angle. Let’s say John Cena comes out and says ‘hey, that’s not how your career should end.’ On the spot, an Angle vs Cena match is made and, to be honest, at that point, do we really care how good a wrestling match it will or won’t be?

Other than to say that Angle’s farewell tour should have happened in the first year he arrived in WWE, the company needs to treat his exit as a moment and not a contest between two ready-to-go competitors. Anything less will set everyone up for a massive disappointment.

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