Kurt Angles Wishes He and John Cena Had One More Match

Kurt Angle is human just like everybody else on this planet.

When it was announced that he’d be facing Baron Corbin in his last ever match in his career, there was certainly animosity directed towards Corbin. This wasn’t necessarily Corbin’s fault but rather a feeling that the entire wrestling world was being robbed of a proper send-off for Angle.

One of the most talented and decorated wrestlers (both professional and amateur) in the history of the industry, Angle deserved a final opponent fitting of the occasion. This led many to believe that John Cena was the logical opponent for him given their history as friends and Cena’s debut coming as the start of the Ruthless Aggression-era in WWE when he’d attack Angle.

Still, this wouldn’t happen and the two wouldn’t so much as cross paths on-camera at WrestleMania, much to the chagrin of the WWE Universe.

While the fans were undoubtedly clambering for this match to take place both on social media and live in the stands at shows, they weren’t alone in wishing Cena and Angle could duke it out one last time.

Angle would make a heartfelt Instagram post Wednesday featuring himself and Cena, both wearing attire from the Ruthless Aggression-era and claiming that he wishes they could have had one more round.

Angle would confirm that he’s proud of the career he had but it’s clear that this match was the one that got away for Angle, Cena and everybody in the audience.

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Adding even more insult to the situation, Angle would lose his final match to Corbin before getting his revenge a night later on Monda Night Raw. He’d still go out on his back, however, with Lars Sullivan finally making his debut and attacking Angle to make a statement early in his career.

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