Kurt Angle Gives AEW Fair, Honest Warning

If anybody knows what it’s like to be part of a company trying to usurp WWE as the top wrestling promotion on the planet, it would be Kurt Angle. The WWE Hall of Famer would spend a decade in both WWE and TNA/Impact Wrestling and saw both sides of the coin.

For Angle, it seems pretty clear that WWE is the No. 1 company in the world and that won’t ever change. Despite this, though, he still thinks that other promotions are good for the world of wrestling so long as they are understanding in their approach.

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When speaking to Wrestling Inc in an exclusive interview recently, Angle would give a fair warning to AEW following the news of their new major television deal that was announced earlier this week.

“I want the fans to be excited about it. I’m gonna tell you this though, and I don’t wanna come around in five years and say ‘I told you so.’ Listen, WWE is the No. 1 brand and will always be No. 1…There’s no way in heck anybody’s gonna catch up to them.

If this company… I’m not daring them, I’m just saying it’s not bad to be No. 2. If you’re gonna set out to be No. 1, then you’re gonna spend a lot of F’n money.”

Kurt Angle, Wrestling Inc

While Angle gave AEW an honest warning about their approach as far as competing with WWE is concerned, something he saw taking place for years while working with TNA/Impact, he still made it clear that AEW can be very good for wrestling (while still mentioning that No. 1 is a very high ambition).

“What I’m saying is that I think AEW can be a good addition to wrestling. I believe that it can be a great No. 2 company. But if they wanna be No. 1, be prepared to spend hundreds of millions of dollars,” stated Angle. “If you’re gonna catch up to WWE, you’re gonna have to do that.

I welcome AEW to do whatever they want to do to become No. 1. But I’m telling you right now, they’re gonna have a great run but WWE is No. 1 and always will be.”

AEW seems to have a very strong grasp on how they want to do things. It seems they’re trying to be their own independent brand that isn’t compared to WWE directly despite their goals of being the top promotion on the planet. This would be a refreshing change of pace as both TNA/Impact and WCW before them took a direct competition approach.

Angle seems cautiously optimistic about AEW though his warnings do hold a lot of weight. Time will tell if AEW takes off and proves him right or wrong and if they can stand the test of time.

The full interview can be found here as Angle gave some good insight to Wrestling Inc. about his time in the wrestling industry, both in WWE and TNA, as well as his comments on AEW.

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