Paige Introduces Asuka and Kairi Sane as Her New Tag Team

After Ember Moon interrupted Becky Lynch and Bayley announced her arrival to SmackDown Live, the Iiconics showed up to tell everyone they were the tag team champs and none of the new arrivals really mattered.

That was enough to bring Paige out, much to the anticipation of the WWE Universe to announce her new team to the live crowd in Montreal.

Paige started, “These two gifted women…” before being interrupted by Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. “Thanks Paige, but Sonya and I need no introduction,” Rose said. Sonya called for a reunion of Absolution, but Paige said no, noting that would have to wait and not why she was here.

Paige then introduced Asuka and her new partner Kairi Sane to the crowd. The former NXT Champions, Asuka, along with The Pirate Princess were now an official part of the WWE main roster and a team. With that, there were a bunch of new faces officially on SmackDown Live.

A ring full of women, along with the Tag Team Champions, all started to brawl while Lynch watched on. Asuska, Sane, Moon and Bayley were left standing in the ring as WWE went to commercial break.

When WWE returned, an official match between The Iiconics, teaming with Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose squared-off with Paige’s new team, Bayley and Moon.

Sane ended up getting the pin with the Insane elbow on Peyton Royce. This made for the second night in a row where the tag champs took a loss.

Not much changed happened on Raw with the Women’s Division, but on SmackDown, the division looked completely different.

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