Kevin Owens Said He Was Originally Going To Jump Off Pirate Ship

Kevin Owens wowed fans at home on night one of WrestleMania when he jumped off the WrestleMania sign that was inside the WWE Performance Center. A closed set and a much smaller venue, it was still a long ways down and a huge bump, which created a WrestleMania moment that will live on forever.

Throughout Saturday, Owens told fans he was excited and despite some criticism that WWE was moving forward with the show, he said he and his fellow wrestlers still cared and wanted to put on a good show. “It’s still WrestleMania to us. It’s what we all work toward all year. Every post I saw this morning, the ones from peers and co-workers I respect and look up to, they came from the heart,” he said.

So, you could tell he was thinking about creating a moment that was WrestleMania-worthy.

He took to Twitter on Sunday, thanking fans for watching the show and then revealed where the idea to jump off the sign came from. One fan posted on Twitter that a set-up at Raymond James Stadium included a pirate ship and that fan told Owens it was too bad WWE didn’t produce the show from there because he could have jumped off it. Owens responded that he’d planned to.

“I went to a show there in January. As soon as I saw it, I told myself no matter what I was doing at Mania, I’d find a way to jump off that thing. I even took pics of it to figure out the best way to go about it.”

Owens then posted pics of his research that day, taking shots of the boat and trying to formulate a plan to create his moment there. He even pointed out that his dad accidentally photo-bombed the picture.

He Needed To Improvise His WrestleMania Moment

If Owens jump off the ship wasn’t happening, the idea was to jump off something. The sign, which was perfectly placed for a table spot like Owens’ was the next best thing.

Both Owens and Rollins did a great job with it and perhaps put on the best match inside the empty WWE Performance Center.

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