Kevin Owens Permanently Returning to NXT?

If you’re the type of wrestling fan that likes to read into the tweets of WWE Superstars on social media, Kevin Owens latest post might say a lot about his future in the company.

Saying simply, “14-24-20”, Owens has hinted that he might be going to NXT. We know because 14-24-20 correspond to letters in the alphabet that spell N-X-T.

The big storyline coming out of Tuesday’s SmackDown Live episode was that Kevin Owens was fired by Shane McMahon after costing the boss a chance to advance in the King of the Ring Tournament. Chad Gable will advance to the finals to take on Baron Corbin and McMahon (who was replacing Elias) is out, seemingly set to take all his frustrations out on the man he appointed as the referee in the hopes that lifting the $100K fine would entice Owens to “do the right thing.” When McMahon tapped, Owens was fired for not helping more.

The question coming out of Tuesday was what might happen with Owens? The answer seems to be WWE teasing the idea that he’ll head to the USA Network and NXT for their debut when they switch networks, move to a live show and eventually go up against AEW on Wednesday nights.

This is big news for NXT if true.

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