Kenny Omega Admits He Thought About Signing With WWE

Recently part of an interview on TSN’s Jay and Dan show, Omega was on set to talk about his documentary Engraved on a Nation which discussed his short stint in WWE developmental, his move to Japan, becoming a huge star there and now moving on to become part of the founding team getting AEW off the ground.

During that interview, Omega discussed the fact that WWE was not a good fit simply because of the creative restrictions they placed on their superstars and what that meant for him as a wrestler who really thought outside the box.

“I thought I was going to be in Japan for one month but that turned into 10 years,” stated Omega. “And then I thought I would end my career in Japan but there’s this whole new opportunity with AEW and I’m taking my craft and unique style to North America and I’m really excited about that.”

Omega admits he wasn’t a good fit for WWE when he was part of their developmental system and that he chose the right path for himself. Moving to Japan saved his career. But, before he joined AEW, he admits he gave thought to rejoining WWE and was offered a good contract to do so.

He gave it some serious thought too.

When he left 10 or 12 years ago, the timing wasn’t right. Today? It’s a different story. “I was actually considering going there earlier in the year, but AEW just seemed right for me. I always get really excited at the idea of having full creative control and just doing new things,” said Omega.

Saying that creativity is still the number one priority for him in his decision making, “To me that’s exciting as a performer. I felt that was probably what was best for me, as of right now.”

This is sad news for fans who wanted to see Omega in the WWE because it shows he was pretty close to coming over. But, for other fans who love the idea that an alternative brand exists with AEW, it wouldn’t be nearly as powerful if it didn’t have Omega as part of its roster. Maybe this is the way things were meant to be.

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