NXT Superstar Gets Curtain Call Send-Off

With rumors swirling that Paige might be bringing in a new tag team for next week and speculation that tag team could be none other than Kairi Sane and Iro Shirai, what took place at the NXT tapings today might that possibility even more plausible.

Kairi Sane had a match during the NXT television tapings and the enigmatic high-flyer stuck around after the match. The feeling around the arena was that she was saying goodbye for a final time to the Full Sail University crowd and if that was the case, the audience gave her a nice sendoff to the main roster.

Paige said on SmackDown Live that she will be showing up with a new talented tag team next week during the Superstar Shake-up. There’s not a lot of options if she’s going to be debuting a new team outside of putting Sane and Shirai together and they would add a ton of fun and excitement to the Women’s Tag Division if they were to debut on SmackDown Live next Tuesday.

Likely to be known as the Sky Pirates with Paige as their manager they could quickly become one of the top teams in the Women’s Division.

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