Jon Moxley Video: Best Conspiracy Theories vs. The Truth

The wrestling community was shocked Tuesday night after SmackDown Live finished airing. Not expecting much substance in terms of news, Dean Ambrose dropped a bomb on his old WWE Twitter account. Only, the name didn’t say Dean Ambrose, it said Jon Moxley and on it was a new video.

The former WWE Superstar practically broke the internet as his first post-WWE promo went viral. You can see the promo below:

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Being available for public consumption just minutes after midnight on May 1, Ambrose’s WWE contract expired on April 30, and with the expiration of that deal, became a free agent. He’s able to go to AEW, Impact Wrestling, ROH, New Japan or back to WWE, should he choose to.

There will be obvious interest as the video was retweeted more than 15K times and viewed almost 1.5 million times in just over 12 hours. And, for good reason. The video has people talking all sorts of ideas and conspiracy theories about what will happen next.

The Jon Moxley Theories Floating Around

The Quality is Too Good

Speculation is that Ambrose was a frugal guy. He didn’t see the need is spending money on the frivolous things so he has a lot of it. Potentially, he could have afforded whatever budget it was to make this video but it is a high-quality production; the kind of high quality that costs money,

Such a costly project hints at two things. First, another wrestling promotion is behind this video, using their budget to help make it. Two, this wasn’t made in the few minutes after his contract expired. It was made while he was still a part of the WWE.

That will lead people to believe that WWE might be behind it and rebranding him for a return to the company. It wouldn’t make him or WWE liars because, technically, Ambrose was leaving and not coming back. In his place, Jon Moxley was debuting.

It also leads to speculation AEW is behind this.

AEW has the Khan money behind it and the resources to pull this off. But, what about the idea that he was working with AEW to make this video? One would have to assume then that he was doing so behind WWE’s back?

This is the same guy who showed up in dark match after dark match and said goodbye to the WWE Universe over and over. When would he find the time and why would he do that after WWE was so kind in their farewell’s, respecting his decision to leave?

The Hinted Imagry

One of the things people have been drawn to in the video is the imagery shown throughout the video. ‘The numbers on the dice show 2 and 5 and Double or Nothing is on May 25’, many have said. Others have pointed out the hash marks at the start of the video add up to 25. Again, May 25, 2019.

It may turn out that all of this is accurate but it could also be something people are looking for, so they’re finding it. This is called confirmation bias.

Confirmation bias basically suggests that if you’re looking for something and you want it to be true, you’re more likely to see what you’re out to find, even if it isn’t true.

There is the image of Moxley being chased by a hound, which suggests he was being chased by Roman Reigns. Is this video hinting that Reigns isn’t far behind and may be defecting to wherever Ambrose is headed? Or, is this Moxley’s way of saying he’s escaping the Big Dog’s shadow?

The PG Theory

With the fact that WWE is now a PG product now and this video hints, with its use of barbed wire and blood, a non-PG Moxley, this can’t possibly be a WWE product, right?

Plus, when you consider that Cody Rhodes liked the video, it has to be AEW, right?

Well, considering Seth Rollins commented on the video too, we can probably throw all of that right out the window.

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