Jon Moxley Talks AEW Debut, Calls It “Career Highlight”

As you listened to the Jon Moxley interview with Chris Jericho on Talk is Jericho, you realized you were listening to one of the most telling interviews in wrestling history. If that was all there was, we’d be happy to have been given an inside look at the creative process as seen by Dean Ambrose.

But, Moxley is not done talking.

During his chat with Jericho, Moxley covered mostly his departure from WWE. So, when Moxley sat down with Flip the Strip on 840 KXNT for his first post-Double or Nothing interview and spoke his AEW debut, fans were in for more hard-hitting details.

Moxley talked about his first appearance for his new employer and said that the idea was to keep it a secret. He says that as a professional, that wasn’t too hard to do and because he doesn’t mind staying silent, he figured he could ensure a surprise for AEW fans.

He discussed the feeling of walking through the crowd saying it was, “Kind of blur, it was very surreal, it was a great feeling, probably the best feeling of my career.”

To say this was the biggest moment of his wrestling career is no small thing. Especially when you consider he’s held multiple titles in WWE. Moxley did admit that without WWE he wouldn’t have been a star but he’s stoked his first persona in wrestling is getting some attention.

“Jon Moxley was not a famous name, but 12 thousand people chanting Moxley was a satisfying feeling.”

Will Moxley stay a star now that he’s out of WWE and AEW is yet to air live on TNT? Moxley has shows coming up for New Japan and perhaps G1 so it sounds like he’s off to a good start. All he needs to do is keep busy until October.

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