Jon Moxley Superkicks Renee Young In Hilarious Video

With little to do these days, WWE Backstage host Renee Young is trying, like many of us, to find ways to keep busy. She was challenged by AEW wrestler Shawn Spears to do the ‘Toilet Paper Challenge’. For those that don’t know the challenge, the idea is to juggle toilet paper roll 10 times using some sort of object or body part. Young decided to use a ringette stick.

She posted her attempt on Instagram, an attempt that didn’t go so well. Not only did she not juggle the toilet paper, but she got superkicked for her troubles by Moxley who wanted the toilet paper.

As most people know, toilet paper is a hot commodity these days and often sold out at retail stores.

Before Young was left laying, she challenged Beth Phoenix, Cesaro and Brodie Lee to take on the challenge next.

This is the kind of video that fans will really love because there’s not a lot going on these days for content and fans are craving stuff from their favorite Superstars. Plus, it gives wrestling fans a peak at what goes on behind the scenes with a married couple that happens to be split between AEW and WWE.

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