Jon Moxley Says WWE’s Original Plan for Him Wasn’t The Shield

Jon Moxley sat down for another telling interview, this time with Wade Keller of PW Torch. The interview was done over the phone and presented in two parts due to the length of time Keller and Moxley spoke with each other.

From that interview, there were tons of great notes worth mentioning.

Outside of the fact that Moxley says Brock Lesnar was difficult to work with or that having writers in WWE is pointless (those are just a couple), he mentioned that the original plan for him when he debuted was not to be part of The Shield.

Moxley told Keller that originally, he was set to feud with Mick Foley and was the mystery man behind an online feud they had been building before it was discovered Foley wasn’t going to medically cleared to wrestle again.

That idea was dropped and he sat on the shelf until The Shield came along.

Probably For the Best

While fans would have loved to see a Foley vs. Ambrose feud, this is probably for the best and Moxley even admits as much. He said he was super excited about the plan and had all these promos in his head but once he realized that’s not how things worked in WWE, the idea not happening likely saved his job.

Moxley tells Keller that, had he come in on his own, he would have been frustrated not getting to do his own promos. He likely would have spoken up and without The Shield there to protect his job, WWE would have viewed him as not worth the trouble he was causing and fired him.

As part of the Shield, the group sort of holding each other in check and could sound off one another, sharing their frustrations. If not for the group, he’d have been out of a job long ago and never become a star.

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