Jon Moxley Reveals To Jericho Why He Left WWE, Buries Vince and co.

Chris Jericho interviewed Jon Moxley on his podcast Talk is Jericho a few days before Moxley made his debut at Double or Nothing. Jericho opened the show saying that his interview with Moxley was just too good not to air, even though he’s not happy about Moxley giving Jericho a Dirty Deeds.

Moxley opened up and said, “Glad to be here. Chris, my friend, it is time to talk.”

Moxley talked about how the news leaked he was ready to leave WWE. Moxley said everyone was talking about it and he hadn’t said a word. He didn’t ask them to talk about it. He also said, his famous “I’m cashing in my chips” line from the Shield sit-down interview was only said out of self-preservation because he was cautious about being set up.

Moxley said he has nothing but respect for WWE and appreciated his time there. He said he walked in a kid and walked out a man. He said, if nothing else, he met his wife there. Then he said, “With that out of the way, let’s bury the company for the next two hours.”

Jericho also said he feels for Moxley. He too never wanted to leave WWE. When he wrestled Kenny Omega he realized there was more to wrestling than WWE and was having a ton of fun.

Moxley knew he was gone in July of 2018. He was out with an injury that just wouldn’t go away. It didn’t take long before he realized he was going to ride out his contract. He knew he was done and almost felt like walking out. But, he didn’t want to do business that way, his wife was still there and he wanted to ensure he got his royalties by riding out his contract until April 30th.

The Final Straw

There was a lot that Moxley went into, but he said the final straw for him was that Vince wanted him to say something to Roman Reigns about his Leukemia. It was something so bad that he wouldn’t even repeat the line on the podcast. Moxley said that the line was so bad, it would have cost the WWE sponsors.

He says he was given promos to do when he feuded with Seth Rollins. He never understood the promos. They made no sense and that there were jokes about a pooper-scooper or one about getting an injection in the bum and just seething over it.

He said he still did many of the promos trying to make the best of them, but all the while, he realized he hated everything he was doing, sometimes waking up every morning staring at the ceiling and feeling ill about going to work every day.

He hated his return after his injury and when he did has final match on the Shield WWE Network special, he got paid $500.

No Wonder Moxley Left

Listening to the interview, no wonder Moxley wanted out and couldn’t wait to be gone. He said when he told Vince he was leaving, Vince was crying.


There’s so many good tidbits in this interview that it’s highly recommended listening. You can bet there will tons of talk about it over the next few days and major ramifications on the industry once people in WWE take a listen.

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