Jon Moxley Posts Another Video, Headed to New Japan?

His first video went viral in a matter of minutes. His second video appears set to do the same.

Late on Sunday evening, Jon Moxley — the same Moxley who made his debut for AEW on Saturday night at Double or Nothing — posted another video on Twitter, this time in what looks to be a promo for an appearance in Japan.

Tagging @njpw1972, it looks like Moxley will be wrestling in a match on June 5, 2019, for New Japan Pro Wrestling.

The video is as well produced as the first video that teased the former WWE performer as someone breaking out of prison and going back to his old gimmick that was much more hardcore. This video takes things another step further as he’s in a bar, with a knife carving his symbol into the bar. We can see on the tv in the images on screen of a wrestling match and the camera shows it just long enough to focus on the match with a possible future opponent. That future opponent might be Juice Robinson.

There is a hint of a hardcore element to the match with a knife and broken bottle, but that could be Moxley just keeping up with his gimmick.

Moxley in New Japan?

It will be interesting to see who we winds up wrestling but we do know that AEW has given him permission to wrestle for other promotions until their television show kicks off in October.

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