Jon Moxley Explains Viral Twitter Videos

If you listen to the Talk is Jericho podcast this week, you’ll hear one of the most controversial interviews likely to air in the wrestling industry in 2019. Formerly known as Dean Ambrose, now, Jon Moxley, the newest AEW star describes how he decided to talk about his last few months in WWE and it’s scathing.

Among the topics discussed is the process that went into making the viral video that went public on the night his WWE contract expired.

On midnight of the night Dean Ambrose’s contract ended in WWE a mysterious video showed up on the Jon Moxley’s Twitter account. This account was never used, never followed anyone, but in a matter of minutes became a huge destination for wrestling fans. The reason was a video of Ambrose in a prison, breaking out, running from a dog, wrapping himself up in barbed wire and more. Clearly not a WWE production, the video received millions of views and it got everyone talking.

Who Made the Video?

If this was a video produced by WWE, why? Were they changing his character? Was it from AEW? Was this Ambrose who made the video himself and if so, how did he have time to do this video while under contract with WWE?

While talking with fellow AEW competitor Chris Jericho, Moxley filled everyone in.

Moxley wanted to make a video that would drop the exact moment his contract ended. Thinking the only people he knew who could help produce a high-quality video like that worked in WWE he reached out to long-time friend and death match legend Sick Nick Mondo.

Mondo is a wrestler but also a freelance filmmaker. He laid out a plan for Ambrose and the new idea behind the Moxley video was born.

Filming only during his time off from WWE, he and Mondo worked out a schedule that was grueling but possible, they hired actors, had sets built and spent about $8,000 to produce the video. He rented heavy duty and high-quality cameras and hired a firm to help him time the post so it would drop on Twitter at exactly midnight.

The Result Was Incredible

In a matter of minutes, Ambrose became the talk of the wrestling industry and its hottest free agent. When he showed up in AEW this past weekend at Double or Nothing, the fans were ready and welcomed him with open arms.

AEW had nothing to do with the video but it worked out great for them and Ambrose is already making more of them, including working on a full-length project.

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