Jon Moxley Declares War On Anyone Who Gets In AEW’s Way

After making his debut at Double or Nothing and officially signing a multi-year deal with AEW, Moxley declared war on anyone who got in his way or in AEW’s way.

In a promo that AEW put up on their social media pages late Sunday evening, and from a video Moxley took just after making his AEW debut, he said:

“I am alive! My heart is still beating and I’m breathing fresh air for the first time in a long time. My name is Jon Moxley and I am on a mission to reclaim my soul. And I’m not the only who thinks it’s about time this industry got a face lift. So, make no mistake about it. This is an official declaration of war tonight. To anyone who wants to get in my way. Or anyone who stands in AEW’s way. We have a mission, to knock the pillars of this industry on their ass. We ain’t reading history books anymore baby, we’re writing them. This is what you call a paradigm shift”

Moxley’s Message

Moxley (otherwise known to WWE fans as Dean Ambrose) is the perfect person for AEW to hire at this time. While this promo is likely part of what his character will look like in AEW, there’s bound to be some truth behind his message.

Frustrated with his role in WWE and likely angry at the way the business has gone, he’s coming to AEW with a new outlook and a chip on his shoulder. Moxley has likely made it personal that WWE couldn’t find a better use for him and he’s ready to become a huge star in AEW.

The execs who signed him are likely hoping he takes the bull by horns and as a full-time competitor in AEW, becomes one of the company’s top stars. That he’s so happy to rep their brand is nothing but great news for them.

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