Jon Moxley Declares He Wants Into G1 Tournament

At New Japan Dominion, Jon Moxley showed up and declared he wants in at the G1 Climax Tournament.

Moxley opened the ‘Dominion’ show and disposed of his opponent Young Lion Shota Umino. After doing so, he grabbed the mic and let everyone in on what his immediate plans seem to be.

Moxley says he wants into the G1 Climax 29 tournament taking place July 6th at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. “I bring a message from Cincinnati, Ohio. Jon Moxley, an international purveyor of violence, gentleman and all-around sick son of a bit-h.. Jon Moxley wants in the G1!” he said. He then dropped the mic and walked around the outside of the ring.

If accepted, Moxley will join IWGP Champion Kazuchika Okada, IWGP IC Champion Kota Ibushi, Tetsuya Naito, and Switch Blade Jay White as members.

Should he enter and win, this would give Moxley the victory at NJPW’s biggest tournament of the year, then a shot at the IWGP Heavyweight Champion at Wrestle Kingdom.

Shingo Takagi Declares As Well

On the same card, Shingo Takagi defeated Satoshi Kojima, and then Takagi announced he too want to get in on this year’s G1 Climax.

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