John Cena Officially Announced for Fast & Furious 9

As of Friday, it appears John Cena is officially part of the Fast and the Furious 9 cast.

Dwayne Johnson has stepped away to star in his own spinoff series based on the characters from the Fast & Furious franchise. Someone “big” needed to come in. What better than another wrestler-gone-Hollywood?

It was confirmed that Cena has joined the cast for “Fast & Furious 9 and while the character that he’s playing has yet to be revealed, Deadline reported speculation is that Cena plays “a badass.”

Cena Comments on Furious Role

Cena tweeted about joining the cast: “For nearly 20 years, the Fast Franchise has entertained fans and created some of the biggest cinematic moments in history. It’s an incredible honor to join this franchise and this family.”

The idea that Cena would be in this film is not new news. But, the confirmation that he’s officially in makes this relevant. Cena was first teased for the film when he appeared in a Vin Diesel video on Instagram back in April. It was just a matter of time before things came together.

The movie is being directed by Justin Lin and is scheduled to be released on May 22, 2020. Production will start later in June.

WWE Fans Will Have To Wait

If fans wanted more John Cena in WWE, it appears they’ll have to wait. The last time the WWE Universe saw him it was during WrestleMania 35 when he appeared as his old Doctor of Thuganomics character. Since then, fans haven’t seen or heard from him.

This film announcement means we likely won’t for a long time.

Good for Cena who continues to land big roles in Hollywood and is among the success stories when transitioning out of WWE. Not good for WWE who could use a little bit of a ratings boost right about now.

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