Rumor: John Cena Not Expected to Face Kurt Angle at WrestleMania

While there’s been speculation for weeks that John Cena could end up being Kurt Angle’s actual opponent at WrestleMania as opposed to the Baron Corbin booking that WWE has been pushing, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Cena does have a deal on the table and he’s expected to sign on for a match at the Showcase of the Immortals. Unfortunately, that match likely won’t come against Angle which means that for the time being, the Olympic Gold Medalist and WWE Hall of Famer will still be facing Corbin for his final wrestling match in history.

While Angle has noticeably slowed down in the ring and doesn’t appear capable of putting on a five-star classic match like he once was, it’s still disappointing to think that the last match fans could see with him would be against Corbin. This isn’t a slight at Corbin as he’s clearly improved on his character and in-ring work over the last few years since making the jump to the main roster.

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Despite these improvements, however, Corbin just doesn’t evoke the same type of feeling that someone who has more of a tie to Angle from the past would. That’s where Cena would have made perfect sense.

Still, even if Cena isn’t facing Angle at WrestleMania, the 16-time World Champion should be able to put on a show regardless of who his opponent may be. While he may not have always had the fans behind him, the WWE Universe appears to have warmed to him over the last few years, even acknowledging that he is a good worker and performer.

It’s been a long road for Cena but he still has a larger-than-life feel that makes him a must-see act no matter who he gets paired up with.

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