John Cena Shows Up at Hall of Fame to Induct Sue Aitchison

After an already touching, dramatic and emotional night, the hits kept coming at the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony when John Cena was announced to induct the Warrior Award recipient Sue Aitchison into this year’s class.

Of all the presenters WWE had announced, Cena was not among them.

While it was a nice touch to have such a big name bring in someone he’d been working with far more than any other WWE Superstar in history probably did, it wasn’t without it’s distractions.

Immediately when Cena came to the ring (which acted as a stage) the fans took over and started chanting “Cena sucks” and “fight Kurt Angle” to which Cena had to stop and eventually say to the fans, “I suppose I showed up during the audience participation portion of the show.”

A couple more times Cena had to stop before finally being able to bring out Aitchison who said that she had the best possible job anyone could imagine, even though she was pulling double duty helping organize all the inductees backstage while being inducted herself.

And, that right there, is why she received the Warrior Award.

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