John Cena Doctor Of Thuganomics Returns

As Elias tried to entertain the WWE Universe with his musical performance, one man decided to interrupt. That was the Doctor of Thuganomics.

As the Elias musical performance portion of the show began, The Drifter worked the crowd by showing off three different abilities: he could play the piano, drums, and guitar now? Fans began to chant “Oh, walk with Elias” and he fed right into it, playing guitar along with them.

He then said it was time to hold your applause and shut your mouth so he could get into his main performance. It was then, he was interrupted by a Breaking News Bulletin video on the big screen. Seconds later, John Cena came out with old school music and the old Doctor of Thuganomics gimmick.

Cena starts to rap at Elias, cutting him down with lyrics that WWE fans hadn’t seen in years. Not afraid to lay into Elias with fury and rhymes that were definitely not of the PG Cena kids have come to know for the past decade, he laid into Elias with lines like “You ain’t half a dog, you just a little piece of shit-zu”.

As Elias decided to remove his shirt to give Cena what he must have come out for, Cena then hit Elias with the mic, nailed the FU and left the ring.

Fun While it Lasted

It’s not likely this is going to be a thing we see from Cena again. In fact, it would be surprising if Cena returned and this wasn’t just a one-time deal. It did get the crowd up and many fans were happy to see the Cena of old. Meanwhile, Elias will likely have something to say tomorrow on Raw.

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