Jinder Mahal Wins 24/7 Championship [Video]

Is anyone really surprised that just in time for the Super ShowDown show in Saudi Arabia, Jinder Mahal has won the 24/7 Championship from R-Truth?

We’re not.

Just prior to some of the WWE Superstars boarding a plane for Jeddah, Mahal snuck up on R-Truth on the tarmac, rolled him up with a referee present and became the new WWE 24/7 Champion. This is his second reign as champion.

Mahal was finally able to win and keep the title after trying and failing at a golf course this past week. Whether or not he’s able to keep it during the duration of the plane ride to Jeddah remains to be seen.

Mahal will likely to get a rousing reception from the Saudi crowd if he goes into the PPV as the champion and this is likely why WWE chose to go this direction. Will they take a chance and have him lose the title on the show? That depends on whether or not they see Mahal as a heel in Jeddah or a babyface.

Will He Stay Champ Heading Into Super ShowDown?

One man who is already looking for Mahal is Drake Maverick. Thus, don’t be shocked if more videos surface of the wrestlers on their way to the show. A long flight means plenty of time for the title to change hands again.

The likely conclusion here is that Truth wins the title again and becomes a six, maybe seven-time champion.

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