Jinder Mahal Joins SmackDown Live

The Superstar Shake-up was still in full effect this week as names moved around from Raw to SmackDown and from SmackDown to Raw. The latest to join the blue brand was Jinder Mahal who came out to the ring with the Singh Brothers as the brand’s newest member.

Mahal was scheduled for a match with Chad Gable but the match never took place as Lars Sullivan came to the ring to interrupt, attack Gable and eventually destroy R-Truth.

Mahal was able to escape the clutches of the crazed Sullivan but the Singh Brothers weren’t so lucky.

This is not Mahal’s first tenure on SmackDown Live. In fact, at one time, Mahal was the blue brand’s champion. While he wasn’t loved, it was the height of his career in WWE and he was selected by WWE to represent the company as they made strides to expand their presence in India.

He eventually lost the title to AJ Styles and since that day moved down the card, eventually going to Raw where he virtually disappeared, but this move could be just what was ordered for Mahal who still has a lot to offer.

Will WWE actually use him as one of the company’s biggest heels? Or, will this be yet another move where a Superstar is lost in the shuffle?

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