Jim Ross Says He’s About to Sign Deal With AEW

Jim Ross officially announced that his deal with WWE was coming to an end. While legions of fans were saddened by the news that a legacy was ending, most were optimistic about Ross’ future, knowing he’d land of his feet and there were other promotions and opportunities awaiting him. On a recent episode of The Jim Ross Report, Ross confirmed what most believed to be true.

The former WWE announcer and Hall of Famer was on his podcast show and spoke of negotiations that have been ongoing with new wrestling promotion All Elite Wrestling (AEW). According to Ross, a deal will be struck in the next few days and he’s excited about the new opportunity, whatever role it is they see him best suited for. Speculation is he will either be used in a broadcasting role and/or a behind-the-scenes position.

You can listen to the entire show below:

Ross said of his future with AEW, ” They are an exciting young company. I’d like to think I could contribute to their success either at ringside, calling the play-by-play, or behind-the-scenes.” In regards to the role he’s going to be hired for, he explained, “Those details are still being discussed and when we get something finalized, I’m thinking within the next few days at most, we’ll let everybody know.”

Big Get For All Elite Wrestling

Ross is a big get for AEW. Typically, when behind-the-scenes staff come into a company, it’s not headline news. In this case, Ross is one of the more famous names to be associated with the new brand. He makes a splash almost as much as the acquisition of a name like Chris Jericho or Kenny Omega might. No, he’s not an in-ring performer, but he brings years of professionalism and credibility with him to a company that will have much of its roster made up of names the typical wrestling fan doesn’t know yet. It will be Ross’ job to get these wrestlers over. There’s perhaps no one better suited in the business to do so.

WWE might not see this a big loss considering they want their announce team to be made up of younger talent. That said, losing Ross may sting a little.

For Ross, the end of his time wasn’t necessarily easy to swallow but he’s excited about the future. “When one door closes, another door opens if you let it.”, he said. Ross added, “I’m knocking on wood that everything’s cool. It’s going to be a good year.” Something tells us it will be.

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