Jim Ross Talks AEW’s Interest In The Revival

Friday’s news in wrestling seems to surround the fact that WWE has released Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder of The Revival. Wrestlers, fans and even announcers are sharing their opinions on the subject.

Jim Ross got in on the action. On this week’s edition of the Top Rope Nation Wrestling Podcast, hosts Ryan Droste and Kyle Ross interviewed Ross who said, “Well, it’s a big if, everything’s a big if, because I don’t know what The Revival’s goals are. I think they would fit into our team very, very well.” He said that AEW’s focus is on wrestling and athletics and that’s the kind of things The Revival prides themselves on.

“They are one of the best tag teams in the world, period, no matter where it is. So I think they would do great in our company, whether that happens or not remains to be seen.”

Ross admitted it won’t be up to him as Tony Khan handles all of that. “So that’s a Tony…I can’t imagine, knowing Tony Khan as I do, and the fan that he is and his ability to spot great things.. I can’t imagine that he wouldn’t be interested.” Ross wondered why AEW wouldn’t be and that Ross would love to call their matches.

“I’ve watched a lot of their work, you know, they’re a throwback team. That doesn’t mean they wear black boots. And, you know, it’s just the old school stuff. They are fundamentally sound, they’re old school oriented in the process of telling a story. And I think that’s really important. They don’t leave things out. They don’t take shortcuts. And they have the ability with their skill set, to work with any team out there and make that team and that match better.”

And, AEW has some really good tag teams. From The Young Bucks to Santana and Ortiz to the Lucha Bros, there’s no shortage of options and Ross said many of them are great, calling The Young Bucks perhaps the best in the world.

Ross again said he doesn’t have any inside information on a deal happening between the two sides. “I just read about it a little before we went on, we started recording that, you know, that these guys are released there, they may become available sooner than later.” He also wasn’t sure if The Revival had a non-compete or not and has heard different rumors.

Finally Ross noted, “I hope that they consider AEW. I’d sure as hell like to call some of their matches.”

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