Jim Ross Says AEW Has New Weekly TV Deal

Newly hired commentator for AEW and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, appeared on WFAN Radio in New York City earlier Friday and revealed AEW will have a weekly two-hour live TV show that premieres in October.

Ross didn’t talk about what timeslot, network or title the show would have, but he did say their new program will air on a major network that all fans will be able to access.

Ross described how excited he was about this new opportunity and it sounds like he’s more excited that the show will be available to all fans. He explained:

“To be 67 years old and be anointed the voice of a brand that’s gonna be debuting in October on national television on a major cable network, which can’t be named now. When people hear what network we’re going on, they’re gonna be doubly excited. It’s a network we can all find.”

When talking about the new show, Ross described the AEW fans will get to see as a more athletic presentation than what fans are used to seeing. It has to be assumed he was referring to WWE when making those comments. “It will hopefully be less eye-rolling than the sophomore drama class trying to convince you in a 10-minute promo of anything they’re saying. It’s too long. Our audience can’t handle that.”

** Authors Note: It’s interesting to hear those comments after watching NXT Takeover: New York which was arguably exactly the type of show AEW is going to try and produce. The card was full of top-level matches and no promos. Simply put, it was incredible.

All in all, this is great news for wrestling fans, especially those that have never seen AEW or many of the competitors that now make up their roster More eyeballs on wrestling is good. Better competition is good.

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