Jim Ross Says “Lars Should Not Lose Before the 2020 Wrestlemania”

After Monday’s episode of Raw, former WWE announcer and now AEW personality took to social media to provide his opinion on part of the show.

While WWE was full or roster debuts like the War Raiders Viking Experience and transfers of big names like AJ Styles and the Usos to Raw, it was another Superstar that caught Ross’ attention — Lars Sullivan.

Ross said:

.@LarsSullivanWWE should not lose before the 2020 Wrestlemania In #Tampa if then

BTW, I don’t need to see a weekly diet of Lars on @WWE TV.

Lars is MONEY! Keep him special.

While Ross is no longer with WWE, he does make a good point and offer advice that perhaps Vince McMahon and his writers ought to listen to. Sullivan does have a unique look and he’s a monster, but since his debut last week, he’s been showcased on every episode of Raw and SmackDown Live, taking out WWE Superstar after Superstar. Laying waste to names like Rey Mysterio, Kurt Angle and The Hardy Boyz, WWE is taking the opposite approach it took with Brock Lesnar, a talent who rarely showed up on television.

Lesnar, like Sullivan, is a big man. Maybe not the best wrestler, his appearances mean more when they’re not always expected. Lesnar would come out, destroy anyone in the ring and leave. For a long time, it caught the attention of the WWE Universe. Sullivan, on the other hand, does not have the name recognition Lesnar had and perhaps WWE feels they need to bring him out often to create it.

That would be a mistake.

It won’t take long for Sullivan to be overexposed and at the pace he’s going, he’ll run out of stars to destroy.

For many, Sullivan taking out Mysterio was just one mistake of many on Monday’s edition of Raw. He was probably being kind when he chose not to comment on the new name given to the former NXT Tag Champions.

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