Jericho To Have Mystery Partners At AEW’s First TNT Show

AEW has started making official announcements when it comes to their first tv show airing on TNT. And, some of these announcements are fairly substantial.

While Cody Rhodes versus Sammy Guevara isn’t a world-breaker and most fans expected Jon Moxley to be in attendance, AEW’s third official announcement for the show will have people talking.

On Wednesday, AEW took to Twitter to announce that The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega would be partners in a six-man tag match versus Chris Jericho and two mystery partners. Once the announcement hit, fans started speculating as to who those mystery partners might be.

Guesses ranged from talents who have not yet appeared for AEW to teams that are already part of the company like the Lucha Bros. Jericho did later tease he would be bringing someone in that isn’t already part of the company fueling speculation AEW was signing a team and saving their debut for October.

Names like The Revival, Big Cass and Enzo, Edge and Christian, LAX and others started bouncing around social media. LAX seems to be the early favorites as speculation is they will be leaving IMPACT Wrestling and joining either WWE or AEW.

Who Will Jericho Partner With?

Regardless of who joins Jericho for AEW’s first TNT show, this is a smart move by AEW. A good mystery always has fans eager to tune in and for AEW and their new relationship with TNT, this is the most important part of their first-ever show. Get people to watch, then keep them hooked to tune in next week and the week after.

Who do you think it will be? A team that is showing up and sticking around in AEW? Or a former friend(s) of Jericho that will be making a one-time appearance? Jericho doesn’t have a lot of friends in AEW, so your guess is as good as ours.

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