Jericho Says Segment With Matt Hardy Had To Be Re-Shot

On this past Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite, Matt Hardy and Chris Jericho closed out the show with a segment you likely never would have seen in WWE. Hardy and Jericho got close to 20 minutes to introduce their feud and the new Hardy character in an empty arena, focusing on Damascus and his origins. Eventually, Hardy was attacked by The Inner Circle before Cody, and Kenny Omega made the save.

What’s interesting is that the entire segment needed to be re-shot because the first version, Jericho hated.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, it was revealed that the angle between Jericho and Hardy was taped on Tuesday and Jericho wanted to redo the segment. Unfortunately, the only way to do so was to tape it Wednesday —before the show. Because the venue was outdoors, the sunlight was a factor, making it obvious that the segment was pre-taped. The crew had to wait until the sun went down to re-shoot certain parts of the segment.

Apparently, everything that aired on Wednesday’s Dynamite was live except for Kip Sabian vs. Darby Allin. During that match, AEW filmed the segment between Jericho and Hardy, rushed it through the editing process, and had about 15 minutes to spare before it aired on TV.

Jericho confirmed this on his Facebook live video Saturday. He explained:

“They filmed it the night before … they filmed one version of it and I wasn’t there,” Jericho said. “And it we get into Wednesday and I didn’t really like the way that it turned out, it wasn’t my vision, really. So, we said, ‘Let’s do it again Wednesday,’ and we’ll do it right before the show starts.’ Keep in mind, there’s nobody coming into the venue. We thought we’d film this at 8, but the problem was the sun hadn’t gone down yet, so it was still fairly light inside the venue.”

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