Jericho Reveals Reason He Did Commentary on Dynamite

On this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, there was a slight difference in the way the show was presented. While the building was still empty (sans the performers), one aspect of the show was entirely different as Chris Jericho spent the full two hours on commentary.

The show as pre-taped from QT Marshall’s gym in Georgia and while it lost in the ratings to NXT for the first time in a while, AEW World Champion Chris Jericho added a new element to the show and is receiving positive reviews for his work on commentary.

Jericho went live for a Q&A on Facebook after the show aired and revealed this was the first time he had commentated a full show and the reason behind him doing so. He explained:

It was pretty fun. I’ve never commentated on a whole show before. The reason why I wanted to do it was just to have a presence on the show. As we kind of put a hold on so many things including “Blood & Guts,” so I wanted to be on the show and provide a little energy, just in case. You know we are working in front of eight people, 10 people all strategically spaced apart of course. H/T: WINC

Needless to say, Jericho won’t be making a full-time transition to commentary anytime soon. That said, he’s one of the best at transitioning mid-career and if he were to ever want to do commentary, it looks like there’s a job waiting for him. He’s a natural.

For now, he’s just going to find ways to stay relevant, even if there’s not a huge program going on for him on any one episode.

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