Jericho Loses Title While Out At Dinner

It sounds like a wrestling storyline reserved for the WWE 24/7 Championship, but it’s not. In a real report, confirmed by a number of sources, Chris Jericho’s new AEW World Championship was apparently stolen while he was out eating dinner.

An official police report shows that Jericho didn’t lose his championship in a match or to another opponent like Kenny Omega, Jon Moxley or Hangman Page. No, the title was literally stolen while Jericho was for supper.

Police were called to the Longhorn Steakhouse at 2400 North Monroe Street where the current AEW Champion claimed someone grabbed his property. He has no idea where the belt is so an investigation is underway to find the missing title and an official report filled out.

It reads:

“The victim reported the theft of his championship wrestling belt while he was eating inside Longhorn Steakhouse. The victim stated he arrived at the Millionaire Club Airport Terminal and placed the belt inside his rented limousine. The limo driver shuttled the victim to Longhorn for dinner. The victim remained at Longhorn while the limo driver returned to the airport. The victim had taken the wrong luggage from the airport and the driver took it back to the terminal. When the driver picked up the victim from the restaurant, the belt was missing. Responding officers searched the limo and airport for the belt without success. On-call CID was consulted, and forensics responded to the scene.”

The report officially lists “the victim” as Christopher “Jericho” Irvine.

You Just Made The List

This is not a good look for AEW and Chris Jericho, even though it’s not their fault. Whoever stole the title is going to be a marked man and it will be interesting to see if any WWE Superstars take credit.

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