JBL Shares Hilarious Story About Eddie Guerrero And Kurt Angle Locker Room Fight

If there’s a silver lining to be had from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that while wrestlers are at home in self-isolation, they’re coming up with incredible ways to keep fans thinking about wrestling and engaged. Perhaps some of them are telling stories simply because they’re bored, but either way, it’s great for fans who love the behind-the-scenes glimpses at their favorite wrestlers past and present.

JBL took to social media the other day and told a story about the one time he was in the locker room and his late friend Eddie Guerrero was still alive.

JBL says, one night, while in the locker room by himself, he caught wind of word that something happened in the ring between Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero. Their issue spilled into the locker room area into a physical altercation and “Eddie leg dives an Olympic gold medalist,” says JBL.

Adding that it seems crazy anyone would try to leg dive the best wrestler in the world and an Olympic Gold Medalist, JBL said, “Out of 8.5 billion people, he was the gold medalist. You might have a chance punching Kurt, hit him with something. Don’t leg dive an Olympic gold medalist.”

JBL goes on to tell the story that he can hear the whole fight going on and that somehow, John Laurinaitis, the head of talent relations, shuts the door and leaves Eddie on JBL’s side and Angle on the other side. He explains:

“And Eddie comes back, doesn’t even look at me, sits right beside me and he’s staring at the door, and he’s breathing so loud you can hear him breath. And I look at him and he’s still looking at the door, and I said ‘Eddie why would you leg dive a gold medalist?’ Eddie says, ‘Because I’m stupid!'”

JBL says this was just one of the many reasons he loved Eddie so much. Even when mad, he realized when he was making a terrible choice and trying to pick a fight he can’t possibly win.

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