Jay Lethal Speaks WWE & AEW Temptation, Future of Wrestling

One of the most popular wrestlers outside of WWE doesn’t appear to have much interest in signing in WWE or AEW.

Jay Lethal has always been a very well-known and well-liked figure in the world of wrestling. He’s certainly one of the more accomplished performers on the planet despite never working for WWE.

During an interview with Sportskeeda, Lethal was asked about where he sees wrestling going in the future with the wrestling landscape changing, especially with AEW being introduced to the scene. He was also asked if he sees himself sticking with Ring of Honor in the future or if he could see himself working for WWE or AEW down the line.

“I see wrestling going on a gradual uphill trend and continuing that trend. The more wrestling promotions out there for fans to watch the better. How boring would it be and how boring was it when there was only one show in town and that was all you could watch?

Imagine one wrestling fan having only [one or two] favorite wrestlers. Now with the click of a button, that wrestling fan can watch almost every wrestling promotion that he or she wants around the world. Now they can have 15 to 20 favorite wrestlers.

Where do I see myself? There is no telling what tomorrow will hold. As far as where I want to be, my longtime dream was to make it in professional wrestling. To me, what making it was, was being able to buy a house, and buy a car, and pay your bills without needing an extra job. Just solely from the money that I make from wrestling.

Ring of Honor has provided me with the opportunity to do so. I am extremely thankful for that. They have also given me opportunities that no other wrestling company that I’ve worked for has given me until now have given me. Hopefully, the future holds me doing something with or in Ring of Honor.”

The interviewer would follow up on that answer by asking Lethal once again if he was tempted by offers from AEW or WWE, to which Lethal said “no.”

This is interesting as Lethal is certainly a hot commodity as a wrestler. He has a proven track record of success in the ring and is able to appeal to the fans on multiple levels. Despite this, Lethal seems happy in his spot with RoH and doesn’t appear to be looking at other options any time soon.

In wrestling, it’s safe to assume that anything can happen. Even if Lethal feels comfortable and happy in Ring of Honor now and doesn’t feel the temptation from one of the two other big fish in the water, there’s no telling what the future could hold for him at the end of the day. Still, for now, he seems very set on staying put.

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