Jake Roberts Says He’s Paying For Decision to Help AEW

New AEW on-air personality and manager for Lance Archer, Jake Roberts conducted a recent interview with The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast from an Atlanta hotel room and he revealed why he was there.

“I’m quarantined in here. I was living with Dallas [DDP] and he was one of the first people to say if you leave, you can’t come back.”

Roberts was on a few recent episodes of AEW Dynamite helping his new protege debut in the empty arena shows and AEW said they needed him. They asked him to come out and because he felt obligated to the new promotion and wanted to help them, he decided to go to the shows. He said:

“Well, AEW wanted me to come out so I went and did it but I couldn’t go back to Dallas’ house. He had a baby in the house and nobody needs to be sick around a baby. He took the hard line and said, ‘Dude, if you leave, you can’t come back.’

“I had to do it for AEW as I wanna help these guys. Now I’m paying for it brother.”

Roberts said he has to stay there for 3-4 more weeks. He noted he thought about having exercise equipment brought to his room because he’s so bored and the hotel closed the gym. “… you start thinking of things and you really have to reel it in sometimes,” said Roberts.

He’s Doing His Part, Why Aren’t Others?

He mentioned the hotel is not where he wants to be but that he’s got to do the right thing considering what’s going on in the world. “We’ve all got to pull together,” he said. Adding, “It really chaps my ass to see people not paying attention to what they’re asking us to do and they’re doing the same old thing they always do. It shows you how selfish some people can be.”

Noting that everyone wants to get back to normal and wrestling to get back to putting on shows with fans, he added that selfish people are going to be the reason everything is delayed. “They’re gonna cause this thing to last longer than it should if we just do the right thing now. People like that should be arrested and put in jail.”

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