It Appears We Know Where Karl Anderson is Going Next

After being released by WWE on Wednesday, it appears fans are getting their first glimpse of what’s in store for Karl Anderson. It looks like the Machine Gun is back.

Fans who know Anderson from his pre-WWE days know that he was once known as “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson. Obviously, WWE didnt’t want the Machine Gun name for their PG product but it looks like he’s readopting the name and wants to go back to Tokyo, Japan when the country opens up for him to wrestle there.

What that means for his tag team partner Luke Gallows is unclear, or should another offer pop up, if he would or would not take it.

Anderson was part of The O.C. group before being released this week and as one-half of a dominant team in Japan, and then a lackluster run in WWE, it’s not shocking he’d want to return to a place he had a ton of success.

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