Is WWE Hitting Back at AEW With NXT On Fox Sports 1?

If a recent report that WWE is going to push back at AEW by moving NXT to Fox Sports 1 is true, let the war begin!

AEW’s new Wednesday night TNT show was just officially announced on Wednesday and reports are circulating WWE might be looking for a way to counteract the new show and put a dent in AEW’s sails before they really even get rolling.

It’s no secret Fox Sports 1 wants additional WWE programming on their network. There have been rumors for a while they’ve been trying to get WWE to consider moving NXT off WWE Network and onto a major tv network. Prior to AEW’s announcement, WWE didn’t really have a good reason beyond additional revenue another tv contract might provide. Now, they just might.

AEW’s new rumored show, Wednesday Night Dynamite, is set to debut on TNT on October 2, 2019. WWE might want to put another wrestling show, (arguably their best in-ring performers show) up against NXT. Randall Ortman of Cageside Seats reports WWE will provide competition to All Elite Wrestling’s Wednesday night show and may potentially integrate 205 Live with the brand.

Take That AEW

If WWE goes ahead with such a move, no one should really be all that surprised. Not really a threat to date for WWE, Vince McMahon isn’t about to let another wrestling promotion go unopposed if he has the ability to try and hurt their ratings off the bat. NXT may be the most popular brand for hardcore wrestling fans in WWE and certainly on par, if not better than AEw in terms of in-ring action.

This would be Vince saying, ‘Oh ya? Take that then.’.

At this point, news that Fox wants NXT on the FS1 platform is just a rumor, but with AEW’s tv announcement, it does make some sense.

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