Is WWE Considering a Boneyard Match Between Undertaker and Sting?

Jerry “The King” Lawler reviewed WrestleMania 36 on his latest podcast and had some great things to say about WrestleMania 36, specifically the Boneyard Match between The Undertaker and AJ Styles.

Lawler gave props to the cinematic production crew for their work, and discussed how much the Undertaker looked strong. He admitted that The Undertaker was looking to rebound with a strong effort and make sure people knew he wasn’t what they remembered from his Super ShowDown match with Goldberg.

Then he suggested something interesting. Lawler noted that it would be much easier for WWE to produce an Undertaker vs. Sting match in this type of setting. He even went so far as to suggest it could happen at next year’s WrestleMania.

Lawler explained, “Now in this style, we could easily have The Undertaker in the match that they’ve always wanted to have forever, Sting.” He asked, “Can you imagine watching that in that cinematic style that the Boneyard Match was done in?” He finished with, “The Undertaker and Sting can be done in any kind of setting and it could be amazing.”

Is This Something WWE Is Working On?

Triple H has already said there’s a good chance WWE does more of these types of matches in the future. And, with no end in sight as to when fans will be allowed back in the building, why not do this while WWE has little choice?

First, this kind of match to overcome any obstacle of Sting or the Undertaker looking like they can no longer hang in the ring. While we might not get to see the entrances fans are eager to see and the iconic moment of the two of them standing face-to-face in the ring, there’s a lot of positives.

The only issue is that reports are The Undertaker is putting The Deadman gimmick aside and going with this new hybrid character. Would this version of the Undertaker vs. Sting be as exciting?

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