Sting to wrestle one more match

Is Sting Looking at One More Match With WWE?

Whether he’s teasing a match with The Undertaker or he’s simply teasing the idea that he’ll have one more match and document the journey in a series similar to The Undertaker’s, Sting seems to be ready to entertain fans with one final bout.

Calling it a “Last Ride”, Sting asked followers of his Twitter account. “Who wants to take a “last” ride with Sting? It can’t be a coincidence that the name he’s using was the name of the Undertaker’s recent series that saw him retire from professional wrestling.

Late last year, Sting did say he was open to a match with the Undertaker. He said:

“If there was a ’Taker situation at WrestleMania, I would listen to that phone call. I could get in condition and I could pull it off. I think my career is done. I still think about the ‘Taker situation every year, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.”

There are a number of parallels between Sting and The Undertaker’s career. Both created great legacies and while Sting’s career seemingly ended early due to injury, The Undertaker was so beaten and bruised that he could have easily called it quits before he actually did. Both men are well past their prime but the marketability of each individual is still massive.

The problem now is, Undertaker says he’s done. So, who would Sting wrestle against? And, would it even be with WWE? There’s been talk of Sting not being under contract any longer and whispers of him going to AEW.

But, if he’s looking for the Last Ride treatment, WWE is probably the way to go.

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