Is Liv Morgan Joining The Firefly Funhouse and Bray Wyatt?

Fans haven’t seen Liv Morgan since July. She’s been appearing on social media every once and a while, with cryptic tweets that are confusing fans, but she’s not been on WWE programming since telling the world, “When I come back, I’m gonna be real.”

Now, there is some speculation that Liv Morgan’s absence from WWE might be leading to something big. Perhaps a bigger opportunity than she’s ever had in WWE before.

Could Morgan being joining Bray Wyatt, The Firefly Funhouse and work alongside The Fiend?

Liv Morgan Has Been Teasing a Major Change

Morgan has been gone, but not silent. A number of posts on her own social media feed, and others, denotes something massive is coming. And, it might be coming sooner than later.

Outside of tweets back in August showing her mysteriously sitting in the rain, Morgan has been active over the last couple of days.

Over the last few days laone, Morgan has tweeted, “A peek inside my mind ? You’ll cry” and “You can’t see my scars.” What those tweets were supposed to mean no one knows but when you add it to the theory that her iconic laugh can be heard in the lastest Firefly Funhouse video, there might be something going on.

Wyatt wears both “Hurt” and “Heal” gloves, yet he’s never healed anyone. One has to assume, at some point, that’s the plan. Could Morgan be his first healing?

If you watch Wyatt’s recent Firefly Funhouse video below, one Twitter user mixed the video with Morgan laughing. It sounds eerily similar. Thanks to @BORDEAUSECTION for the post.

Please Be True

As fans, we can only hope this is the direction WWE is thinking to go. Wyatt could use a “friend”, Morgan could use a change, and the two might make for the perfect pairing.

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