John Cena donates to Shad Gaspard

Is John Cena Behind Huge Donation to Shad Gaspard Family?

While fans and wrestlers chip in and donate to the GoFundMe campaign set up to help Shad Gaspard’s family in the wake of news Shad has passed away, someone has donated $40,000 to the fund and it’s raised some eyebrows.

The donation is greatly appreciated but was anonymous. That said, most people think it was from John Cena as the donation was marked with a CTC RIP. For fans that recall Cena’s interactions with Cryme Tyme, they referred to themselves with that designation. Cena also recently posted a photo on his Instagram page showing off the segment where he and Cryme Tyme wrote all over JBL’s limo.

The $100,000 goal was smashed in less than 24 hours in and at the time of typing this, more than $133,000 has been donated. Kudos should also go out to Tony Khan who donated $10,000 and Chris Jericho who donated $5000.

And, of course, to everyone else who donated.

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