Is Booing WWE What “The Cool Kids” Do?

There’s a reason so many fans hate the New York Yankees. It’s the same reason fans hate the New England Patriots or Tiger Woods. In their respective sports, they are the best and pretty much everyone else trails by a wide margin.

In wrestling, the team you hate if you want to hate on the best is WWE. They are the Yankees of the MLB, the Patriots of the NFL or Tiger in the PGA.

So, when Seth Rollins says he understands why fans hate on WWE, should anyone really be shocked?

Rollins recently spoke with Yahoo Sports and said it’s easy to understand why so many fans are critical of WWE. And he doesn’t believe it’s because the product is necessarily all that bad.

Like any team that is at the top of their game, it’s cool to hate on the best and cheer for the underdog. Even inside the walls of WWE, that trend exists. Roman Reigns is the top-selling WWE Superstar in terms of merchandise, as was John Cena at one time. Both have been arguably the biggest names in wrestling over the past decade. Yet, as many fans boo them as they do cheer them. They are the most polarizing stars in the company.

Rollins said, “It’s easy to hate us, but we’re still the most popular company in the world at what we do.”

Rollins didn’t use any other promotions by name, but one has to know he’s thinking about a company like AEW. Right now, they have all the support from the fans because they’re the new kid on the block.

And, while AEW promotes itself as a “wrestling” promotion, the WWE (who calls itself a brand of entertainment) doesn’t do itself any favors with the hardcore community of wrestling critics. Rollins said, “We’re so far beyond being a wrestling company that it’s very easy to point the finger and hate on us.”

Is Rollins Right?

Rollins says people always tend to hate the big guy. But, is that really why fans are hard on WWE these days?

The former Universal Champion has to admit that the product hasn’t always been stellar. WWE knows it too. If not, why would they be hiring personalities like Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman to take over Raw and SmackDown Live and jumpstart the creative on each respective brand?

Rollins gets it. He just hopes that fans understand each performer is trying to do their best, as is the WWE as a whole. He said that while people may think it, “Nobody is taking it easy, nobody is just getting by. Everybody from top to bottom, every department in the entire company is putting in as much work as they possibly can to make this the best.”

And, as long as WWE doesn’t believe the only reason the fanbase is hard on them is that that’s “just what people do” then it’s ok to understand WWE may know no matter what they do, some boos are inevitable. But, if they think they’re product is great even when they get harped on by fans, they’re in serious trouble. Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow, but eventually.

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