Interesting Twist Planned For Tonight’s Firefly Fun House

The Bray Wyatt segments called Firefly Fun House might be the most intriguing parts of Raw each week for WWE. Fans don’t know what to expect from Monday to Monday, sometimes getting a friendly kids-type show, sometimes getting a creepy “secret” Wyatt.

According to popular rumors social media account, things might get even more interesting tonight on Raw. WrestleVotes tweeted earlier Monday that there might be an unexpected twist expected for tonight’s show.

While they aren’t speculating Wyatt’s first in-ring appearance, they are teasing that his old Husky Harris gimmick will somehow be involved in tonight’s video.

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So What Are They Expecting From Firefly Fun House?

That begs the question, how will Wyatt work his old gimmick into his Firefly Fun House show? The last time he pulled out anything resembling an old character, it was the premiere episode where he took a chainsaw a Bray Wyatt cutout. That image sent the WWE Universe into an immediate frenzy talking about his new character and how different it was from anything else WWE was doing.

Will he do the same or will he poke fun at the shape he was in when he debuted as part of the original Nexus? So far in many of his videos, Wyatt has referred to himself as a fat slob and bad man. Just the name “Husky” opens the door for him to take shots at his former self.

Whatever it is Wyatt does, fans will eagerly await the video, as they seem to do each week since it debuted. And, for that, credit needs to go to Wyatt for keeping fans interested. There aren’t many other parts of Raw that are doing that these days.

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