Insane Details About Lesnar’s Return Revealed

It appears some of the details of Brock Lesnar’s return to WWE at Money in the Bank are starting to reveal themselves.

First off, WrestleVotes is saying the decision to bring Lesnar back was made in the last two weeks. They took some heat last night for announcing a different rumor, but on Monday wrote:

Lol you investigative maniacs are killing me from my tweet on 4/22. Nearly a month ago! Plans change. It’s freakin’ pro wrestling. The Brock decision was made last weekend. Up until that point it was nearly a 50/50 tossup between McIntyre & Ali to take the briefcase.

So What Changed from WWE’s Perspective?

First, WWE held a talent-only meeting where they specifically addressed AEW and other media that might dig into their ratings which were already declining. Lesnar is viewed by Vince McMahon as a rating’s grabber and it was determined that one way to boost the numbers would be to bring him back earlier than the Saudi Arabia show.

It is expected that either tonight or tomorrow, Lesnar may challenge Kofi Kingston or Seth Rollins and rumors are he’ll be facing Rollins at Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia on June 7, 2019.

WWE Hid Lesnar’s Return

The reports coming out of last night’s show is that WWE put extra effort into hiding Brock Lesnar before his appearance. He was kept backstage out of sight of the other performers and when the finish was explained to the Money in the Bank competitors, all they were told was that Ali would end the match on top of the ladder but someone would be coming down to knock him off of it.

PWInsider reports there was also talk throughout the day that Ali would be winning the match. This was never true but an indication WWE was really trying to keep the finish a secret.

The Future for Lesnar

That he holds the briefcase is either a sign a big storyline is coming right away or an indication that he’s signed on to be more involved in the storylines moving forward. With his announced retirement from UFC, it’s possible he’s worked out another deal with WWE but the company may choose to use the case in an angle right away.

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