WWE Gives In-Depth Behind-the-Scenes WrestleMania 35 Look (Video)

One of the biggest shows in WWE history, WrestleMania 35 came and went this past weekend and by many measures, it was a hugely successful show for WWE. A seven-hour program that included 16 matches, some surprise returns and multiple title changes, it’s hard to imagine the amount of work and preparation that goes into such a large production.

When it comes to WWE Superstars, production crews, writers and bookers, WrestleMania is a year-long process that is as big as it gets for the company and the city that hosts the show. Wrestlers look forward to it all year, think of it as their SuperBowl and know that just by being on the card, they’ve reached the pinnacle of their business.

A recent video published by WWE shows what that experience was like for a lot of the names involved.

The video shows stars like Batista, Charlotte Flair, John Cena, the Iiconics, and others testing their segments, prepping for the show and taking it all in. Kofi Kingston specifically spoke about how much the fans have shown their appreciation. He said, “That’s the best part about WrestleMania for me. All the work that I’ve put into the years, you see the investment, you see the dividends being paid. You know that what you did actually made a difference.”

The video then took fans through a number of the matches in order as they happened. It shows the fans celebrating and the wrestlers backstage being congratulated and the emotion that was Kofi’s victory.

One of the interesting things left out of the video is any backstage footage of Lynch, Rousey and Flair after their match had concluded, especially considering the speculation was the match finished not as scripted.

Fans who love wrestling will love this behind-the-scenes look called “The Day of WrestleMania 35.”

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