Impact Wrestling Releases Scarlett Bordeaux

After reports surfaced that Scarlett Bordeaux had requested her release from Impact Wrestling last month, it would appear that she’s finally gotten her wish.

Impact Wrestling would announce Tuesday that Bordeaux had been released from her commitments to Impact and that they wish her well in her future endeavors.

This was welcome news for Bordeaux who took to Twitter just a few hours later to announce that she’s already available for appearances.

Bordeaux debuted with Impact Wrestling under her “Smokeshow” gimmick in the Summer of 2018. She’d gain a strong following from her fans during her time with the company and now she’ll get a chance to spread her wings and take the next step in her career.

It’ll be interesting to see what the future has in store for her, especially if she intends on keeping the same character that she had in Impact Wrestling as seems to be the case according to her tweet.

For Impact Wrestling, this isn’t the first wrestler in recent weeks to be granted their requested release as Eli Drake would release a statement just on June 4 stating that he was also granted his free agent status and was looking to be booked from interested promotions.

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As is the case in most areas of life, sometimes things just don’t work out. For some, Impact Wrestling is a saving grace and a company that wrestlers hit their stride in, either to continue on with the company or eventually move on to bigger and better things. For others, though, the experience (in front of the cameras or backstage) isn’t as positive and change is necessary.

For both Bordeaux and Drake, it would seem the latter was the case. Now, they’ll both work to prove that they can find success elsewhere under conditions they find feasible.

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