How Did Tony Khan Get Bret Hart For AEW Title Presentation?

One of the most memorable moments when AEW presented Double or Nothing was their title presentation. While fans knew AEW would be showing off their new belt and buzz was that it looked fantastic, to see two-time WWE Hall of Farmer Bret Hart present it was a shock to fans.

How and why was Bret Hart a part of an AEW pay-per-view? That’s a story AEW President Tony Khan shared while a guest on Steve Austin’s podcast.

Khan recounted first chatting with AEW Executive VP Cody Rhodes and presenting the idea of having Bret Hart show up to present the AEW World Championship. Khan first gave thought to names like Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat but it dawned on him that Bret Hart would be a perfect fit. He shared his idea with the other AEW execs and got a unanimous green light.

Khan said he left it up to Cody to set the meeting and during a private dinner, Khan realized how special a moment it could all be.

“I had actually never met Bret Hart face to face until we got to Las Vegas a couple of nights before the show when we had dinner together,” Khan stated. He was pleased to learn how pleasant and easy to work with Hart was.

A Good Get and A Shot at WWE

Getting Bret Hart to show up on an AEW pay-per-view wasn’t just a good get for AEW but it was a shot across the bow at WWE. Hart was part of the WWE Hall of Fame just days prior to their event and showing up on a rival pay-per-view probably didn’t sit well with WWE and Vince McMahon.

AEW continues to make headlines as it sold out their next big show All Out in under 15 minutes. What former WWE stars will show up next? Most fans seem to think maybe CM Punk will make an appearance even though he’s said he won’t be there. But, a legend or two won’t be out of the question. Maybe this is when Khan revisits the idea of Flair showing up.

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