How Can You Not Love Ronda Rousey When Videos Like This Exist?

From what I can tell, Ronda Rousey gets a seemingly bad rep. Often considered introverted and somewhat isolated, there were many who believed she wasn’t actually warming herself up to the idea of being a WWE Superstar. When she left after only a year to start a family and rumors were she might not be back, many fans turned on her.

But, when you see videos like the one Rousey and D-Von Dudley have released on YouTube, you have to wonder where people get their information from?

Rousey and former WWE Superstar (now producer) D-Von Dudley have released a very odd movie trailer on social media that is gathering a lot of attention. The promo seems to be for an imaginary movie called Tables and it looks like Rousey, her husband Travis Browne, D-Von, some friends and a host of other WWE Superstars like Paige are having a blast being extremely goofy and killing time as friends.

While there’s no indication this is actually going to be a movie, the premise of the trailer is that D-Von comes to visit Rousey and Browne at their farm only to be attacked by killer tables. The trailer goes on to show the groups fighting against the tables using hammers, guns, and host of cheesy onliners and make you want to watch this movie, should the group ever actually make it.

Showing that the group of friends are much closer than many fans might have ever assumed, there are a host of other videos associated with the trailer including a gag reel where Rousey can’t stop giggling.

Would You Watch A Full-Length Film About Tables?

The action is so funny and the special effects so corny, you can’t help but want to see these friends make a full-length feature film out of this idea. WWE Network needs to get on this right away and this would be exactly the type of thing WWE fans would subscribe to see.

Make it happen WWE.

Also, it’s good to see Rousey enjoying herself as much as it appears she is filming and goofing around. It lends fuel to the speculation she’ll likely return to WWE and is a big part of the WWE family.

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