Hollywood Hulk Hogan Teases NWO Return to WWE

As if WWE didn’t need the motivation to get more fans upset.

On Monday, Hulk Hogan took to Twitter and warned the WWE Universe he may show up with his crew in tow. This is just mere hours after fans were reeling from Brock Lesnar’s return. The same return where he won Money in the Bank and stole the briefcase from seven other, more-deserving competitors.

A Hulk Hogan return would not only upset a few fans (because he’s not completely been forgiven for racist remarks he made some time ago) but most fans are clamoring for WWE to move away from the being the company that pushes old stars instead of new ones. Putting Hogan and Lesnar at the top of the totem pole (assuming WWE is actually considering a Hogan return) would be an open invitation for criticism.

On Monday morning, Hogan said, “Be careful, be very, very careful WWE Universe, you may never know when Hollywood will show up again with crew in tow, brother. HollyWoodHH 4 Life.”

Over 2000 people liked the tweet but there were also close to 400 comments, many of which called Hogan a dinosaur and discussed what a terrible idea it would be.

There is no word from WWE on whether or not this is being considered but, if so, fans can only hope it’s done in the right way.

Would WWE Really Bring Back the nWo?

This could be Hogan just teasing something and trying to stay relevant. Maybe it goes no further than that. Or, this could be Hogan dropping a clue that he and McMahon have spoken and his return is coming.

The way the tweet reads, if so, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash aren’t far behind. Would a one-time return deal for the Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia make sense? Or is there more going on?

Whatever is happening, it’s odd timing. WWE is scrambling trying to come up with ways to boost their ratings and holding talent-only meetings where they’re talking about AEW. If the NWO returns and Hogan is a part of that idea, there’s no clearer message that Vince McMahon is panicking.

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